Contacts not being linked in Outlook 2003

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Contacts not being linked in Outlook 2003

OH Smeg
(I have just finished rebuilding a NB with 7 Pro 64 Bit and Office 2003.

Besides needing to approve whenever you open any new Office App the Address Book in Outlook is not being linked to the Auto Fill Feature so when you attempt to enter a E Mail Name you need to enter the full e-mail address.

I Imported the PST File into Outlook after the rebuild and when I closed the system down initially I exported this file to a Backup Location to enable data restoration.

The Contacts are present and correctly imported but the Auto Fill Option is not working. Anyone got any ideas? Otherwise everything seems to be working correctly.

OK I'm sick at the moment and defiantly not at the top of my game but does anyone know how to set the Outlook Contacts List tot he Default Address Book in Windows 7 which is what I suppose I'm asking?