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CPU Overheating

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I agree that temps over 70C are not normal and should be dealt with.

First, make sure all of your case vents and the power supply fan are clean and that there is good airflow from the power supply fan.

Next, is the entire heatsink hot, or is it just warm at the base?

If the entire heatsink itself is hot, you are not getting enough cooling air either off of the heatsink, or into the case.

I would add case fans to force cooling air into the case and across the heatsink.

I like to set up case fans so that the air going in is 10% to 20% more than the air flow being exhausted. This way you control where the air enters the case and have a chance to filter the air.

If adding cooling air does not lower the temperature, you may need a better CPU heatsink and fan.

Also, if the heatsink paste is applied too thick, it can cause the CPU temperature to rise. You want the heat paste just thick enough to fill any gaps between the CPU and the heatsink. If the paste oozes out when you seat the heatsink, you have applied too much paste.