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CPU Overheating

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For an FX 4100 a temperature of 90 C is normal? Most temperature monitoring softwares I tried (including HWmonitor, Speedfan, and Everest) all say that past 80 is redzoned, or bad. I downloaded two different ultimate boot CDs, but they don't seem to have cpu checking softwares, so what am I supposed to be checking? Sorry for the questions, I just want to know and make sure I am not further damaging my system.

After a bit of cleaning of my heatsink and reapplying my thermal paste, it still sits around 50C idle, playing a simple game like starbound raises it to 80C, and more intensive games raise it to 90-100C. My PC auto shuts off, and I THOUGHT it was the temperature issues, as the temp monitoring software says its high, so I just wanted to confirm that it is or is not.