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CPU Overheating

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They are perfectly normal and should be well within normal operating parameters and not causing any problems.

I would think that the easy way to test the hardware is to use something like the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

And test the hardware for proper function. Also depending on what version of Windows you are running you may need to reload the system as the OS may have been damaged by some installed software or a monthly patch. This is more common if the OS has been in constant use for more that 18 months or so.

As you have not said anything and as the high use temp is not overly high I wouldn't think it's the case but the heatsink that you are using could also be partly blocked with dust and need cleaning.

Anyway get yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD and test your hardware before doing anything else. Also depending on the Power Supply you are using it's possible that it may be going off and causing problems. Though this is normally associated with the cheap No Name Power Supplies as Apposed to to the more expensive brand name Power Supplies so that may also be worth a look.