Creating Forms - Which Program Do I Use?

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Creating Forms - Which Program Do I Use?

This is sort of a non-technical question, but I know of no better a forum in which to ask it.

I find myself in a situation whereby I need to learn and be able to generate forms that I'll be able to email to individuals and then the form will be completed by the recipients on their computer and then returned to me via email.

The forms will include many small individual fields for name, address, phone, email address; and other biographical info including an area for a narrative.

I have a couple of options that I can use to accomplish this (I think). I have Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise, and I have Adobe Creative Suite 3 that I can use to create/generate the forms I'm going to need.

My questions is which individual program should I use that is included in those packages? e.g. I've found out that I can create forms in MS Word and they can be saved as a PDF but is this the best option? Is the the easiest to learn?

Or... should I use Adobe Acrobat and learn to create the forms I need in ".pdf" format from the get go?

I'm simply trying to avoid spending a lot of time learning how to create forms using program A when I should have been using program B from the onset.

Therefore, I'm looking for some educated help as to which program I should learn to create these forms in so that I can use and implement them as I described previously.

Thanks for all of your help!