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OH Smeg

you could add another of the same Video Cards which are Single Processor Video Cards and that may suit your needs.

You could change both Video Cards and use Dual Core GPU's and give yourself a Quad Crossfire arrangement or you could switch to nVidia Video Cards in either a Single arrangement or Dual Card Arrangement in dual triple or Quad Core Arrangements but I would first look at the OS being used.

if it's a 32 Bit OS you'll have Memory Addressing Problems and you need to remember that Video Memory is part of the Total System Memory that is facing somewhere the around 3.25 GIG Upper Memory Limit so while a Dual Arrangement Crossfire Video Display is technically faster if you are up against the 3.25 GIG Limit of a 32 Bit OS you may honestly see no difference or at least no appreciable difference.

If you have a 64 Bit OS it will address all of the System RAM that the current Generation M'Boards can carry so ideally for Pure Performance 2 Dual Processor Video Cards would be the best but then you also have to look at the games that will be used and see if they are optimized for nVidia or ATI Video.

Most gamers that haunt TR prefer nVidia Video however on the few Gaming Rigs I have made I have used ATI Video and the users have not complained but the games that they wanted to play suited ATI Video better.

The question is a bit like How Long is the piece of string in my pocket that no one can see? Without a lot more information and I suppose a lot of Input from Gamers we are all just guessing as to what is Technically Better which may not suit the needs of the individual.