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Crossfire Video card

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OH Smeg

But as the 64 Bit Version wasn't overly popular I would imagine that you have a 32 Bit Version and with 4 GIG of RAM and a 1 GIG Video Card that totals 5 GIG and the M'Board depending on the Chip Set involved can not address or use more than about 3.25 GIG of RAM I would imaging you'll get a improved performance by scrapping XP and loading a 64 Bit OS.

Again depending on what your actual hardware and other connected Devices are you may find that you are better off with a 64 Bit Version of XP however realistically I would think unless expensive Printer/Scanners are involved you would be better off with a 64 Bit Version of 7.

That is where I would be spending any funds that I had personally but then again that's me other people can have a completely different idea.

However XP 64 had a lot of Driver Issues so unless you can be certain that you can get drivers for all your hardware in 64 Bit Versions it's not something I personally would be considering even though there are constantly a lot of copies of it currently available on places like E Bay. Way too much hardware which was made for XP was only made for 32 Bit OS's and simply doesn't work when you attempt to use it with the 64 Bit Version of XP

Personally adding another Video Card in a Crossfire configuration is unlikely to show any improvement.