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OH Smeg

Well if it was XP Home not a problem as it didn't support Encryption unless you installed something.

If it was XP Pro then anything Green in Windows Explorer was Encrypted and needed to be open in that copy of XP to be readable.

If there was no Encryption Involved or you didn't have a Password and the User Account Data Private then it is just a simple Copy and Paste to the new NB. Though here I should add there are only 2 types of computer users those who have lost all of their data and those who are going to loose all of their data. There is no excuse not to have a Backup as no ability to access a Backup of some description only means that you have lost your data and if you are extremely lucky and have to recover it you will be spending a lot of money attempting. The Extremely Lucky bit is that you will recover some of it but you have to be expecting to be paying at the very least 50K attempting to recover any and much more likely quite a lot more.

If the data was encrypted you need to pay a Professional to recover your data as anything you manage to recover will be garbage as it's encrypted.

If you made the Data Private you need to take ownership of it and that is also difficult as you need a XP System to take ownership of the data and make it readable before you can transfer it to a 7 system.