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DCOM 10009

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Thanks for the suggestion, but no matter the problem, that's default number 1.

In case anyone stumbles upon this with the same issue, here is my solution. After bringing in two different of our Software Venders support teams we stumbled across that all of these non-existent computers had somehow been added to the Vipre AV console and THAT is what was forcing the DNS and DCOM broadcast requests. We had to get in to the SQL data base for vipre to remove all of them, but the issue seems to be resolved now.

C:\ProgramData\GFI Software\VIPRE Business\SQLite\VIPRE.s3db ---- The Vipre Database

(using SQLite Browser)
Go to brows data, from the drop-down select Agent (it's near the bottom) and remove the non-existent devices, unfortunately 1 line at a time.