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Dealing with an upset customer

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Lesson learned: Have written contract, even if working for an honest, trustworthy individual. And, invoice client for all time regardless of what goes on in the phone conversation.

Over the phone, the client told me she wanted to stop all work and was going to pay me for what she thought I had done. I sent her an invoice for ALL of my work and a description of what I spent doing each day. A few days later, I received a check and balance was paid in full. Next time, a contract and if a large project, I will require a percentage of the estimate paid upfront before any work is done.

In the future I think I might keep a copy of the original work if doing a website. If the client does not pay, just upload the old, original files, and count my time as a loss, but client doesn't get any free work out of it either. Then, when, or if, they do pay, I can re-upload the new files and they can have their new site again.