Debian - 'broken' MBR?

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Debian - 'broken' MBR?

I'm working on a project to partition a flash card, copy some files to it, and make it bootable. The cards would then get installed in one of our products.

I reached the point where I had a card ready to test. Since the product engineer was on vacation, I thought I'd try booting my PC from it. I set the system to boot from USB, booted it, and the screen filled with '01 ' repeated across the top row and repeated on subsequent lines indefinitely. I don't know what the card is supposed to do but it was obviously doing something.

I reset the computer to boot from the HD and kicked it in the head. Now when booting from the HD I get the same repeating '01'.

Either I screwed up the boot record when I was working with the flash media, or booting from the media caused the problem. Either way, is there an easy way to fix this or am I looking at reinstalling Debian from scratch?