Desktop shortcuts don't work!?

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Desktop shortcuts don't work!?

Darren B - KC
Here's a strange problem that I can't figure out. One of our client computers is experiencing odd behaviour where double-clicking on a IE desktop shortcut results in absolutely nothing. I mean, nothing happens.

There's no error messages either. I see the hourglass icon for a split second or so each time I double-click the shortcut, but that's it.

It seems to only be affecting shortcuts that point to a web URL, however, because shortcuts that point to applications are okay. Even right-clicking and selecting Open doesn't do anything. But, if I open the shortcut's properties and copy/paste the URL into a browser, the page comes up just fine. I checked the file associations and it's set to use IE6, so that seems to be proper.

I tried creating brand new shortcuts, but those don't work either. Even rebooting the computer doesn't have any effect.

Now, it gets a little more bizarre in that the problem happens on some days, but not others. Or it may be that the shortcuts work in the morning, but later in the day, they stop working again! (Or vise-versa.)

We're running XP Pro SP2 clients on an AD (Server 2003) domain with roaming profiles. We use AVG 7.5 as our virus scanner, but it hasn't found any viruses thus far on the machine in question.

If it would kick out an error, then I could figure out where to start looking for the cause, but when absolutely nothing happens, it's harder to track.

Anyone have any ideas?