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Detailed Netbook capabilities/recommendation?

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OH Smeg

What I intended to convey was that even if you could RDP into the main computer from a NetBook when it was running a Highly CPU intensive application like PhotoShop the connection to the NetBook would be slow and the Screen Resolution not to mention the actual display way too small and the quality of the display would leave a lot wanting. Even if a External Monitor was plugged in a NetBook display resolutions are way below that of a desktop or Note Book Computer.

Also as 7 Starter is not a Multitasking Environment there will be issues with what it is capable of doing.

However having said that there is a person here who is claiming that their NetBook which originally came loaded with XP Home is running 7 Ultimate exceptionally well. Here I suppose it all depends on what the user finds acceptable but the performance would be way down on even a low end Note Book let alone compared to a reasonably powerful desktop.