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dhcp et dns sous mandriva (linux)

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bind, the dns software, isn't a simple configuration. reading the man pages and articles about securing it will be the most important part.
the second most important thing needed is to pay the money to become a registrar of domain names. [ the only reason to use bind instead of the isp's dns servers. ]

dhcpd is much more straightforward to configure.
first thing is to use a static ip on the server itself.
then in the dhcpd configuration you need to give it an ip block to work with. this block has to be large enough to support the triple number of users the university expects to have. [ smartphones on top of student laptops etc ]

The easiest way to configure both, once you understand them is to use the Drak Xtools configuration wizards. you can log in as a regular user, click the configure my computer icon on the taskbar and enter the root password when prompted to. Mandriva locks root login out on purpose, but makes it easy to access the admin tasks by supplying the root password. :)

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even though Canada is officially bilingual with French and English, on the west coast, where I am, French is pretty much unused. I forgot what little was pounded into my head in school from a complete lack of use of it.