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danekan is free game as private subnet. pick a different subnet and route between the two. the concept of "routing" between the two is not necessarily a trivial matter, though. what equipment are you using for your routers and what equipment? to properly have multiple subnets on the same switch, for example, you would probably have to have more of a business grade switch in order for the switch itself to be doing vlans. if they are on different physical switches, you would just need routing between those.

if you're a smaller business, the easiest/quickest solution in this situation might actually be to change your subnet mask to open up more options ( there are important ramifications to consider while doing this, but most importantly all devices on that much be switched to match that subnet. if you want from to, your subnet would become all options under instead of, in other words you've multiplied your options by 255. this is not necessarily a good practice to do, though, unless you're a smaller business. Instead of using the broad, using subnet mask instead would still you up to just over 2000 hosts starting with ending in ... If I had to choose any of the above options I would probably do this.