DHCP server 2003

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DHCP server 2003


I am into testing. I am new to DHCP server configuration.
in my requirement, i have to get either dhynamic and static IP address for my devices from DHCP server with different subnet.
Say my 2 devices named device A and Device B
Device A should get the IP between the range to

Device B should get the IP between the range to

Please help me out how to configure two different subnets in the DHCP server.

S Deepak
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Mohammad Oweis

Create two scopes in the DHCP one for each subnet, then configure your router to relay DHCP requests to your DHCP server, using this command:
ip helper-address x.x.x.x
where x.x.x.x is your DHCP server IP address.

But i noticed that you are using public IP addresses in your network, why??!!
use a private IP range instead, if you don't really need the public IP.

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The question was copied from coursework incorrectly, and it should be 192.168.x.x

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Mohammad Oweis

You are right, most probably this is the case.
It seems that he changed the IP, to not look that he copied the question, but he did a big mistake.

He has to study more :)

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That was my mistake. we are testing in test n/w. 192.168.x.x

so help me out in learning the things properly,by suggesting me some useful materials.

thanks in advance,

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I have creates two scopes.
Say Scope1 revservation pool have IP range to
In reseravtion i have given my device A mac addres and Static ip as
Scope 2 IP range is to
In reseravtion i have given my device B mac addres and Static ip as

From my device i try to get the IP address.
results are as follows
Device A got the static IP as
But device B got the Dynamic IP as
But the excepted result for Device B is not achived.
Please help me out in this.
as u mentioned Configure your router to relay DHCP request . how to do it.


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Mohammad Oweis

First you should have a router with two Ethernet ports, one connected to 192.168.0.x
lets say interface IP is
and the other interface with IP like
Your DHCP server should be inside 192.168.0.x subnet.
Once you configure the router and routing works correctly, inside the configuration of interface use the following command if supported by the router:
ip helper-address 192.168.0.x (DHCP Server IP)
If the command is not supported by the router, you can use a relay agent.

For some resources check MS exam 70-642: TS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring.

Check the preparation material.
And use Google

Good Luck