Disable Data File Management Outlook 2003

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Disable Data File Management Outlook 2003

Anyone any idea how you can remove the Data File Management option from the file menu in Outlook 2003,

I would be most interested to know
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1. Open the Group Policy console.
2. Add the Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 administrative template (Outlk11.adm) from the Office 2003 resource kit.
3. Under the administrative template, click Disable items in user interface, click Custom, and then click Disable command bar buttons and menu items.
4. Click to select the Enabled check box.
5. Click Show. 6. Add the following numbers to the following entries: ? Disable option to create a PST(File -- New -- Outlook Data File): 5575 ?
Disable option to open a PST(File -- Open -- Outlook Data File: 5576

Disable Data File Management - 7091

Disable File Archive 1886

7. Click OK