Disable double click start menu explorer view

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Disable double click start menu explorer view

I work for a school district in Rochester, NY. We use Server 2003 with XP clients. We have our desktops locked down via group policy. Students are not allowed to see the C:\ drive in 'my computer'. The one loophole that I can't seem to find out how to close is this:

The only way the student can browse the C:\ drive and even launch nasty things like mstsc and other items that group policy can't disable use of is this:

They figured out all they have to do is either double click on the word 'Programs' on the classic start menu, or simply double click on the folder icon on the name of the program on the start menu, which in turn give them an explorer view of that folder. From there they can use the up level to go back into C:\ from there.

Any ideas how to disable explorer from launching a folder view?