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Disable JAVA?

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The first thing I would like to point out is that the warning from the department of Homeland Security is essentially regarding Java 7 update 10, and Java 7 in general.
You should be fine if you're running an older version of Java.

Unless you use JRE SDKs to make Apps; you do not need the Java software installed on your computer.
Most browsers (and websites) use JavaScript; which sort of a one-time write and go of an executable Java code. So.. If you are a user; you don't need Java itself.. (I have already checked my home and company computers and uninstalled all Java installations I found). Everything still works just fine and as usual.

On the other hand; if you do need Java, or maybe a specific SW you have requires it as a must; the golden rule is that of a security nature: Don't do online banking from that same device, and never, under any circumstance (Java related or not) store your sensitive banking/credit card passwords on your computer.