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Discreet Remote Viewing/Control Software

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Morale-wise and concept-wise, this IS a bad idea. You end up with employees that always think 'Big Brother' is looking over their shoulders, which will create added stress and friction. What managers don't realize is that when they see an employee 'taking breaks', it actually enables them to think more clearly and work better over the long run.

Sometimes they're just goofing off, though.

Where I disagree is on this 'legality' issue. It will vary from country to country, but an IT policy will clearly state that the computers and network are company-owned. Any information sent across that network can be subject to scrutiny. So if any 'sensitive' letters need to be written to doctors and the like, they should do so from home. Or, these days, from their mobile device. As for seeing sensitive data, the best systems would buffer IT personnel from that, but not even always. Over my past 20+ years, I've been privy to ALL sorts of sensitive information due to my roles in IT. This ranges from personal medical histories, to employee payscales, to what porn the execs have been looking at.

There's this one employee attribute that covers all of that. DISCRETION.

PS: I worked at a call center where the management came up with this solution to monitor us at random. Of course, this was the day of P4 1.7GHz, so as soon as our PC's performance went South, we'd wave to them because we knew what was happening...