Display Adapter Configuration

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Display Adapter Configuration


I'm trying to resurrect an old Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop but every time I turn it on I get an error message "Your display adapter is not configured properly. To correct the problem, click OK to start the Hardware Installation wizard."

The wizard then tries to search for plug & play hardware and comes up with a Standard Display Adapter (VGA). If I then look at the the display in Device Manager the status reads "The loaders for this device cannot load the required drivers. (Code 23)"

If I go to Display Properties/Settings I can only set the screen to 640x480 and 16 Colours.

The laptop is running Windows ME but I don't have any of the original disks. I can see from the BIOS menu that the video adapter is an ATI Rage Mobility 128 AGP 4X but this doesn't seem to be detected once Windows boots up. I have tried Dell forums to no avail and if I run the correct driver from ATI it fails because it can't detect an ATI video adapter!