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Do I need to install any software on Win XP computer to learn UNIX?

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If you just want to learn Unix FreeBSD is a great choice. Be prepared to have to up your game if you want to ask questions on the forum. These boys are serious about it but to the good they are also correct. There are some good books FreeBSD as well. Michael Lucas is a great author, try his books out.
A bigginer may want to and probably start with Ubuntu and read some books as well. Ubuntu is quick to get up and running and can be dual booted with an XP machine. An easy way to do it is just to add a second hard drive to the machine. Pull the XP drive and install linux a couple of times until you are comfortable with it and then go for a dual but using the Linux disk to do it using grub. Just make sure you specifiy the second disk for the Linux install and all is well.

DOS is much like the command line and important for Unix. Read LInux Command Line and Shell Scripting by RIchard Blum and Christine Bresnahan. There are a couple of errors in the book so don't die on one spot if you get stuck. Also there is a good Ubuntu forum, although you can grow old and die waiting for a valid response to a serious question