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Do I need to know coding/web design for this?

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Hi Malcolm. Generally the idea of a site builder is that it lets you choose from a few pre-defined templates, to change colour schemes etc without knowing any coding at all. The benefits of this are obvious, but the down-side is that you are stuck with their template and can't generally do much custom. Looking at the link you provided, that's exactly what their site builder looks to be like. Since you've already signed up though, why not log in and try it yourself?

If you find it a bit limiting, I suggest looking at It's much the same as above, but they have a lot of very nice templates and you get a bit more control that your average site builder will allow you. You edit your web site using your browser, so no coding is required. You can use your existing domain name - you just pay a fee to bring it across and have them host the site for you without any advertising.