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do multiple defrag damage hard drive over time?

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Defragging is good for the drive in the long term...apart from speeding up file access, it also prolongs the life of the drive because it has to work less for a longer period.

As for frequency of defragging, it would depend on your usage patterns- the more your file deletion/modification/creation activity, the more fragmented the drive becomes. Even NTFS is susceptible to fragmentation, though less so than FAT. Heck even Macs defrag critical files in the background automatically.

This is now available for Windows automatic defrag that automatically monitors for fragmentation and defrags even multiple drives, quietly in the background during system idle, without disturbing user activity. It's really cool because there is no need to remember to defrag or schedule a defrag weekly, and saves time and work on the part of the user, especially one who is quite busy. Self-maintaining systems are quite efficient and convenient compared to older technology.