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Do we need security software for tablets?

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Rob Kuhn

We use CompuTrace by Absolute Software to protect computers and Smat/PDA/Phone/Tablet's.

Depending on the number of devices and the level of protection, it can be as low as $30 (USD) per year (3 year minimum).

A few years ago during a trial and proof of concept we had a break in at the office and two laptops were stolen. We initiated a continual remote wipe of the laptops. We managed to trace and get one laptop back, the other would surface from time to time (a sort of GPS tracking that CompuTrace employs) but we were never able to retrieve it. Eventually we didn't hear from it at all.

After that experience I had no problem in getting the expense into the budget.

The CompuTrace client also gives you other management tools. The most useful was the software inventory. At first it's pretty overwhelming but you can write reports to help filter out the noise. :)

You can purchase online but I worked with our CDW sales person who was able to get a better price.