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Dr Who - what to watch?

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OH Smeg

Purps I completely agree but the OP said

I would weight good production value quite highly btw.

So that immediately rules out any of the Old Series with people like Douglas Adams as Script Writers, the Production quality wasn't the best and it was very cheap. Probably a left over from the original idea behind the Doctor being a Science program to Educate School Children and not the SiFi show that it became very early on, like after the Pilot.

Though to be quite honest the BBC was never really noted for it's Expensive Productions they made excellent shows on a Shoestring and never relied on Money for High Quality Production Values. :_|

So with that in mind the current Series Shows have to have the best production values no matter how good the older ones actually are. Though 8 episodes for an entire year are minimal even by the British Standards, they really must have very little money at all to spend.