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Dsl Wireless connected but no internet

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OH Smeg

Yep that's what happens when you reboot the Modem it clears the Damage tot he running OS done by the Spikes.

Typically Power Packs don't have any Filtering so they just knock the power down from Mains to the devices requirements this is a straight % step down and is a simple transformer so if you get a 1000 V Spike it gets knocked down to 100V or somewhere thereabouts. Ideally sticking some Capacitors in between the different Power Rails at the Design Stage will stop this happening but it costs money and after the device has been designed it's not possible to do.

A Filtering UPS will cure the problem or replacing the Plug Pack with a more stable Power Supply will have the same effect. If you have a UPS available I would try that first as it will tell you if it's going to cure the problem and if it does then you can source a decent Power Supply or just leave the UPS in place.