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Dual band wireless routers- share files across bands?

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As far as I know, most SOHO WLAN routers that support multiple SSIDs just dump them all into one network, as having multiple SSIDs allows you to run multiple authentication schemes all at once (e.g. WPA2, WEP, none) all based on SSID.

It's a handy way to connect devices that support different authentication methods.

For example, a Nintendo DS game console only supports WEP, but a Apple iPhone does WPA2, so both devices can connect by defining one SSID as the one for WEP and a different SSID to do WPA2.

Otherwise you would be forced to use WEP on the iPhone.

On many enterprise-class WLAN access points, you can allow multiple authentication types per SSID, but that can be very tricky to setup. By default, different SSIDs on these devices each go into a separate ethernet VLAN, but I digress...