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I take it your secondary monitor is your TV? That's a pretty common issue with using TVs. Both Nvidia and Ati Catalyst Control Center have a section in their software that lets you adjust this setting (it's called overscan from memory). I can't remember the exact reason (Google will know), but TVs will cut off a portion of your nice 1920x1080 image when coming from a computer. The overscan setting basically tells the video card to pump out an image slightly less than 1920x1080 (like 1912x1068 or whatever). It's just a matter of finding the area to adjust this and then playing around until the image looks right.

As long as your video card has a built in sound card you can have audio play through your TV. You will need to use the HDMI-HDMI cable though (as DVI supports video only). It's just a matter of plugging in the HDMI cable and choosing that as your audio output.