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Dual NIC Workgroup vs Domain

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OH Smeg

You have a Windows XP SP3 system that connects tot he Domain on one side and to a test Instrument on the other LAN Card. When you have this workstation as part of the Domain it's very slow and is loosing time but when you don't have it as part of the domain it runs fine and collects the required data without any Time problems.

When it was part of the domain did you check the running processes?

If you did was there anything eating Clock Cycles of the CPU at an alarming rate?

What was the load on the unit when it was part of the domain compared to being not joined?

How are the NIC Cards setup here?

Are they bridged by any chance?

How complex is the device that the second NIC is connected to here? Does it attempt to gather a DHCP address from the domain when the unit is joined?

As I have no idea of the topology of the network/Domain ere you'll have to help us with some more information.