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Duel sound cards

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I think the others are correct. I don't believe you can configure Windows to send the same audio to two different sound cards. It's possible that you could find a piece of software that looks to the system like an audio output device that lets you route audio to more than one real output device, but I'm not aware of one.

With that, you're best off looking for a solution that will let you plug your headphones and speakers both into your Audigy. If the Audigy supports that directly like one of the other posters suggested, then you should pretty much be set. In my case, I have multiple sound cards that I use for different purposes and hook them all up to a mixer that I then have my speakers and headphones hooked up to. If you wanted to take a route like that, you can get small mixers for pretty cheap. For example, Behrenger makes good mixers and their smaller ones are pretty affordable. There are many others as well that might work well for you.