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DVD ROM doesn't read my disc...

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With older DVD Drives particularly if a Disc is left in the drive a lot of the time the LED that generates the Laser Read Beams looses Intensity and stops reading DVDs.

Starts with Recorded DVDs and then if the process is allowed to continue it will eventually not read Manufactured DVDs either. Though it will read every CD perfectly and this is because there are 2 different color LED's in every DVD Drive. One for reading DVDs and one for reading Cd's.

If you leave a Disc in a drive it is running all of the time the Disc is in that drive not just when you are using it and as a result you are wearing out the LED that generates the Laser Beams that allow you to work with that Disc type.

if you need to have a Disc in the drive for extended lengths of time it's better to use a Virtual Drive which saves battery power in a Note Book and gives up to 100 times faster access speeds. It also extends the life of the DVD Drive considerably. Also when the LED starts to loose intensity the only solution is to replace the drive. So you may be up for a new drive here.