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OH Smeg
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I can see your technical Problem you need to improve the Capabilities of Google to Search for something which doesn't exist.

From what I can see and understand this is just a Recommendation which may or may not have been accepted. From what I can currently see it's not been accepted but it may currently be under review so if that's the case right at the moment it has no Legal Standing and the Medical Practitioner who refused to sign off may well be in breach of the Applicable Laws.

However here it also depends on what the Company Involved wants to do and they may accept all Recommendations made and want to work that way.

Nothing to disprove this as it's not been accepted currently at least, and is just a Recommendation.

But here I should ask in relation to this bit of your post

marked for watching, disqualified

What does this bit mean. If there is no Current Legislation in Place to Disqualify a person is this Disqualification an Official Disqualification or just something that the company concerned wants to push?