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Emails are adding giberish

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Deadly Ernest

a place I did work for had a number of mail servers in the system. Early versions of the mail software used UUCP as the default style and always assumed all mail came in as UUCP unless specifically set other wise. At version 5 they changed to SMTP being the default version, abd they had a mix through their corporate network around the country. Most of the time a hand off between a vs 4 system to a vs 5 had no issues as the newer software would detect if it was UUCP of SMTP and process it properly, but every now and then when a vs 5 system handed off a mail to a vs 4 it would leave the vs 5 as SMTP and the vs 4 system would see it as a UUCP and the message could end up with almost anything in it. An upgrade for all to vs 5 solved the issue.

You may have a similar problem that there is a default protocol difference between a couple of mails ervers and it's not being handled right. It coud be any protocl variation not being picked up right causing issues.