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emails being sent to wrong address exchange 2003

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That sounds like a typical Microsoft nightmare! You might want to research a new email client and recommend to your client the possibility of getting out of the cycle of forced upgrades by switching to Google's products, developed over the last five years to compete with Microsoft Exchange. Google Apps is a fraction of the cost, can be accessed from anywhere, updates appear automatically, and your data is backed up and secured by Google instead of your own office equipment. Switching to Google Apps instead of upgrading to Windows 7 would be a smart move, and over the next 10 years would save your client THOUSANDS of dollars. Even better, Google has built this on the concept of easing the transition for users of Outlook into a familiar interface with improvements included, not forced. These two links will show you what I mean: since this is your client, I'm only going to include my company's website for your convenience if you like Google Apps and decide you'd like us to help your client and provide you with an incentive for referring them to us.