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ERP systems for media company- Need Help

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Unless you find one that meets every need of your company, you will need to customize the system in some way.

Typically, reporting will not be exactly as desired so there needs to be a means to produce custom reports from the ERP data. Either the ERP system should provide a way to create them or a separate tool must be used. Either way you will need documentation of the ERP schema so that you can identify the pieces of data.

If you need to customize the rules for processing data, you need to know exactly how each change is processed and how to program for the system. A well documented API is very desirable. In its absence, you need good documentation of how data is entered, changed, and flows through the system. Knowledge of the programming language and a compiler are prerequisites. A development environment will be needed, too.

If your budget is limited, you need to consider the database requirements. Is the system limited to one DBMS? The cost of the ERP may not include the DBMS.

Good luck. Setting up or converting an ERP is not simple. Good planning will avoid many headaches and long days.