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ERP systems for media company- Need Help

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i fully agree, we tried it out and played with it a little bit and it does seem very difficult to set up, plus you get the famous microsoft support out of the deal, for the price you pay it is definetely not worth the money. another one that you might look for, (actually the one we went to) is quantum, great system, takes some getting used to, little difficult to learn but overall it is stable as ****, we actually upgraded our version of that, the company has had it upwards of 15 years and only had one crash about 10 years ago, it is written in cobol (hence "a little difficult to learn" but it is great, the company that makes it is mcba i doubt you can google them but i can post a phone number. david has a good point if you would like to go cheap i would for sure take a look at open bravo.