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essential, desirable or cosmetic information

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Bad Bad Wiz,

The OP here clearly said that their teacher never taught them this and that they have no idea how to answer it. I would not say that they have skipped a class or two or even slept through several classes or even failed to read their text books.

Here they completely failed to attend a single Class, didn't get the Text Books because they felt the money was better spent on Party time, Beer, Drugs of their own choice or whatever and other than paying for the course which is most likely on Account of them paying back the fees when they pass and get a High Paying Job that they have contributed absolutely no money to the actual course at all.

Now just how difficult could it be to work out the answer to this question with even a modicum of common sense?

for any five pieces of information on the applicant listed below, specify whether the information is essential, desirable or cosmetic

But the OP here has numbered 8 pieces of information so I'm assuming that they can not even count or for that matter comprehend the question.