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Well look at the question.

Which are absolutely necessary?

Things like the Clients/Customers Name Address and other details most defiantly would be wouldn't they? After all they prove that they are who they say they are.

Then Would it be necessary to have details of what it is that they want to borrow the money to buy? The value & Physical location as apposed to the cost of that item sort would be kind of necessary wouldn't it?

Then after you loan the money what good would it do a company to find out that the client has MS hasn't worked in 25 years and can not work again ever?

Whenever any business loans money they need to know that who they are giving the money to is actually who they say they are, is working and can pay it back wouldn't they?

If you really did attend every class you have failed to comprehend any of it because you need to think about questions like this and as you obviously can not think outside what you have been told you will be useless to any business.

Sorry that you are attending a Degree Factory where you pays your money and gets your degree without the need to think of anything at all and are completely useless to any business. That question was quite easy to understand and I'm not even in the Financial Industry Everything listed is Vital to have to prove Identity and the Ability to repay the loan.

Just think about what it is you are asking. Besides here we do not answer Homework questions when the person asking should be able to work things out for themselves. We simply do not like Cheats and that is exactly what it is you are doing by asking questions like this how can I get my degree without comprehending the course.

If I was your teacher here I would be failing you immediately and with 3 Ph D's after my name I sort of feel strongly about this because I had to work for each and every one of those degrees I didn't have any idiot hand them to me on a silver plate and I had no expectation of getting any of them when I started the Post Grad work.