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Ethernet without internet

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But it isn't fun reading.
It looks like you have to connect the device via Serial-Serial connection in order to set the unit to talk over ethernet. The laptop model you are using doesn't have a com port but you could pick up a USB to Serial adapter in order to connect it (I use these pretty much every day to connect legacy equipment and they work pretty well.) It looks like you can then connect to it via Hyperterminal but need to tell it to use the settings 9600, 8, 1, NONE in order to be able to talk to it. You've probably already got this far though.
I realise I'm starting to ramble, but perhaps it's something simple like Windows Firewall which is getting in the way. The firewall will alter its behaviour depending on the type of network it is connected to. For example more things will be allowed when connected to an office network compared to being connected to a public hotspot. As the laptop will in effect not be on a traditional network, and there therefore isn't a risk of attack, it may be worth turning it off to see if it makes a difference. You'll need to use crossover though as when connected through a switch, the switch will 'switch' a straight through cable for you by altering which individual wires it sends the signal along. The Laptop itself wont do this.