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there are a number of ways to accomplish such a task. one of the easiest is to simply create a formula in sheet 2 that links to sheet 1.

formulas in excel, don't always have to be mathematical in nature, but can also work as links which helps in linking cells together between sheets and even workbooks.

so after you create a formula that links sheet 2 cell a1 to sheet 1 cell a1, copy it down in order to reproduce it the linking for the other cells.

unfortunately, the problem with this simplest of solutions is that the data in sheet 2 is volatile, meaning that whenever the linked cell in sheet 1 is changed or deleted, then the same will result in its linked cell on sheet 2.

so in order to avoid this volatility in sheet 2, copy those cells that are now populated with the data/values from sheet 1. then re-paste those cells via "special paste" and select the "values only" option.

what the special paste will do is it paste the values in all those cells but remove the formula / links to sheet1.