Excel Sum of data in date range ?

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Excel Sum of data in date range ?

I attempting to make a check register in MS Excel, but I want it to have
the ability to tell me how much money was spent in each month. For

Column A----------Column B--------------Column E
Date--------------Debit Amount----------Monthly Total
01/04/08----------$2.00-----------------Jan. 2008 = $11.00
01/31/08----------$9.00-----------------Feb. 2008 = $ 4.00
02/07/08----------$4.00-----------------Mar. 2008 = $ 0.00
04/08/08----------$8.00-----------------Apr. 2008 = $ 8.00
And so on...

All the data is in the same list, sorted by the above columns. Column
E is what I would like it to do (Jan-Dec) Jan needs to be able to pick
out all/only debits made in Jan., Feb. needs to pick out only those
made in Feb. and so forth.

How would could I write a formula or work the data so that this is