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Explaining to Residential EU's why Wireless Network Loses Connectivity?

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Don't know if this is what you are looking for...

I discovered that XP would simply trash the key on both my computer and my partner's. No explaination, no changes made by either of us... except.

This was most likely to occur if the computer went to hibernate. As long as the computer didn't hibernate, the problem didn't occur.

The answer to the end users is simple- "It's a Mystery". Or "It's Microsoft" will do as well.

And for us, the problem remains... sort of. We dropped the Linksys for Netgear some months back. The Linksys was worse than Microsoft- it wanted to be re-booted constantly. Since we installed the Netgear, the problem has changed for us. Now if the computer hibernates or goes to sleep it will require a re-boot to get it to see the Internet again... but we can get email. Don't ask, haven't got a clue. But it is consistent.

Partner and I both have over 20 years in IT- him in programming, me in network and infrastructure.

The answer we give each other is "It's a Mystery".

Good luck!