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external hard disk not getting detected

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OH Smeg

As the drive is not being detected you virtually have 2 options.

1 Try the drive as an Internal Drive in a computer


2 Send the drive to a Data Recovery Company who can recover data off dead drives at the Platter Level.

Of course if 1 doesn't work you are stuck with 2 as your only option and it's the most likely thing as the drive is not being detected no matter the case it is used in.

Of course here it All Depends on what happened to the drive and how the case got broken. If the drive was running and it was dropped breaking the case then most likely the Heads have made contact with the Platters and mashed up the Read Write Heads and damaged the platters and possibly could even be scratching the **** out of the platters every time it is powered up thus rendering the possibility of any Data Recovery Very Unlikely.

But if the drive was not being used at the time and it was squashed while in transit then unless something very heavy squashed it the drive should be OK, but as already said here it All Depends on what it was that broke the case the second time as to the likelihood of being able to recover anything at all and how expensive that recovery is going to be.

edited to add What type of Data Cable is in use here? If it's a Y Cable the USB Connector on the end of the cable is a Power Only Connection it has no Data Leads inside the cable so that may be your issue. If you have a Y Cable you should plug both USB Plugs into separate USB Sockets on the computer or in a Powered USB Hub.