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External Hard Drive Not Formatted Error

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Dr Dij

a couple of the seagate 300's and a 160g.

the only time they fried is when power outage cause them to go off while still open under windoze. Suggestion: get a cheap UPS ($60) for the hard drive to supplement the one on your PC (two if you don't have one on your PC)

While I could still see (most?) of the files, I was using it as a backup and could see that the disk free space was reporting wrong.

Had to reformat this and re-backup onto it.

Lesson: get 2nd one and use it as backup to 1st if you're not using the 1st as a backup.
They are dirt cheap now and rock solid. I was using one for a long time to actually edit humongo 100 to 500 meg .PPTs.

Worked fine but took quite a while to save (recovery autosave was onto local disk). SO I finally got to putting in a 750g disk - only $250 and use the 300's as backups.