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FBI/DOJ virus, now locks out safe mode as well. Any ideas for removal?

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I would remove the hard drive and use it as a secondary or external hard drive. I would then use malware tools, such as malwarebytes, and an antivirus software to scan the external drive. You might also have to Google this type of virus to delete the executables, registry paths, etc. yourself in order to get safe mode to work or Windows to boot.

If all else fails, get a new hard drive and restore everything from a backup. If you didn't backup the drive or its files, you can try to restore the files from the infected drive. Choose a group of files and scan them each time before you bring them to the new drive. You don't want to grab the virus that caused this issue to begin with.

I had a client that received this file once. Strange enough it was when he tried to download an episode of Criminal Minds off of a forum. He thought the FBI actually locked his PC. Too funny! Not for me though, it was a pain to get rid of. Luckily he only received the stage one of the virus which allowed safe mode. It seems it has adapted to the environment.

Good Luck!