Finding a Learning Management System

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Finding a Learning Management System

My organization, an education non-profit in the D.C. area is seeking a LMS to help us meet some specific future goals. Unfortunatly, none of our IT staff have never really been inolved in finding and purchasing the services of an LMS company or LMS software, although we're all at least familiar with what they are.

As far as details go, we're looking for an LMS that will allow us to publish some of our own courses and really have limited interest in training our own staff. Specifically, we've developed some courses for high school and college administrators that we'd be giving certification in. These are nationally recognized certs like a MS or Cisco cert, but they do carry weight in the education world.

We also have some podcasts and Webinars (some free, some we charge for) that we'd like to make available through the LMS.

So basically we've created some courses (and even develop tests and evaluations for them). We need an LMS that will allows us track the relevent statistics for usage/evalutaion/grading/certification for these classes. Our only other concern is that we maintain copyright control over our in-house course-ware.

Thanks in advance for any advice!