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finding my lost music

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Either they formatted your computer and didn't back up the music (but did back up your photos), or they kept all your music but the fresh install of iTunes doesn't know where to find it.

If it's the latter then you need to locate where the music is now (it might be in a backup folder like C:\Old Hard Drive\, or might have been copied back into the right spot). Try doing a search of the whole drive for *.mp3. Once you've found it open iTunes, click File -> Add Folder and browse to the music. This will add it to iTunes' library. You will lose things like playlists, ratings and played counts when doing this (if you want this stuff back you will need to have the original iTunes Library.itl or xml file).

If your music really isn't on there then take the computer back and ask if they did a backup (and if not, why not... it's very unprofessional to wipe a computer without getting permission first).