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Firefox2 image-blocking routine. I invoked it but can't turn it off.

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under preferences:
"Load images is the next preference. It is enabled by default. This preference also has an Exceptions list, though it works slightly different from the extensions/themes exceptions list. From this list, you can both allow and deny permission for sites to load images. For instance, if the Load images preference is enabled, you can use the Exceptions list to deny specific sites the ability to load images. If, for example, you did not want to load images, you would type "" in the Address of the web site box, and hit Deny. All other sites would be allowed to load images as normal.

If the Load images preference was disabled, then no images would be downloaded. However, if (again for example) you wanted to be allowed to load images, then you would type "" in the Address of the web site box, this time hitting Allow. All images would be blocked except images from Both types (allowed sites and denied sites) can be set at the same time, but would depend on the state of the Load images preference." (shamelessly stolen from: [ ])
just an idea, I hope it helps. -d