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Firefox2 image-blocking routine. I invoked it but can't turn it off.

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OldER Mycroft

In other words, it's all in actually 'knowing' what comes AFTER you've done something - rather than blindly jumping straight in like all the other 8 Million Muppets that downloaded Firefox3 on Day One.

On the subject of "I would figure an IT person would have updated the day it came out." ~ I have no reason to update.

Just as I have yet to do anything with the 540MB ISO of Service Pack 3 which is currently occupying space in one of my Downloads directories. I'd rather be one of the avid readers of SP3 problems around the world, than one of the victims. The same goes for Firefox3.

Anyway, from what I can see on the Mozilla site, at least half of my Firefox Add-Ons have yet to be updated for Firefox3 so by 'updating' as you so blindly described it, I would in fact be crippling a splendid Browser that I have nurtured and customized to my particular preferences.

THAT is what separates the IT person from the average user.